• To be successful, personalized tutorial studies must be consistent and regular. If you are seeking Orton-Gillingham lessons, we will establish a schedule of at least two lessons per week for your student.
  • My teaching days are flexible.  Lessons are held either in my Westport office, at student’s home, safety and health permitting, or remotely through Zoom conferencing.  
  • Payment is required at the conclusion of the initial consultation.  An additional fee is required for any formal write-up of informal assessments. Monthly invoices for services are distributed via email, at the end of each month. 
  • Communication is integral to your child’s progress. In-person conferences will be built into the calendar, as we determine to be appropriate, so that we may stay connected about your child’s progress. In addition to scheduled update conferences, I encourage you to be in touch with me about any questions or concerns you may have, and let me know of any major changes your child experiences, which might affect his/her studies.
  • As a courtesy, kindly provide 48 hours notice of cancellation, and options for rescheduling the cancelled session.  For sessions that are cancelled within 24 hours and not rescheduled, the session will be billed at the regular rate.  
  • Your child’s information is kept confidential, unless you give your permission for me to discuss his/her progress with others involved in your student's education.